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iPhone 13 series will support Wi-Fi 6E – offers faster connection


According to reports from Barclays analyst, Blayne Curtis and Thomas O Malley, Apple plans to release the first iPhone models that support Wi-Fi 6E in 2021. In sharing a research report today, the analyst wrote that semiconductor companies will obviously provide various components for this year’s “iPhone 13” models, including Wi-Fi 6E power amplifiers. Please note that many believe that Apple will ditch the “iPhone 13” name for iPhone 12s.

WiFi 6

Furthermore, the analysts said that chipmaker Broadcom will also benefit from the adoption of Wi-Fi 6E by Apple and Samsung this year. Earlier this month, Samsung launched a new Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone based on Broadcom chips that support Wi-Fi 6E. Last month, Barclays analysts said that the iPhone 12s model “may” support Wi-Fi 6E. The latest information regarding Wi-Fi 6E is more specific.

The Wi-Fi 6E improves on Wi-Fi 6 features and functions. It comes with higher performance, lower latency, and faster data rates. In addition, it also extends to the 6GHz frequency band. The additional spectrum will provide more airspace beyond the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi. This will subsequently provide higher bandwidth and less interference for Wi-Fi 6E-enabled devices.

Earlier this year, the FCC passed a rule to make the 1200MHz spectrum of the 6GHz band in the United States available for unlicensed use, paving the way for the promotion of Wi-Fi 6E-enabled devices in the country. Both the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series support the standard, non-6GHz version of Wi-Fi 6, as does the second generation of iPhone SE.

As for the official launch date of the iPhone 12s series, it should be in September 2021. This can only happen if all goes according to plan.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s – which will it be?

There have been questions regarding the name of Apple’s upcoming series. Will it be iPhone 12s series or iPhone 13 series? Analysts believe that Apple will skip the “iPhone 13” because the number “13” is spooky in many western cultures. Technology manufacturers do this from time to time. Remember that Qualcomm recently adopted the number “888” for its latest flagship because it is a lucky number in China. There are reports that Apple will rather settle for “iPhone 12s” instead of iPhone 13. Furthermore, “s” with a smartphone usually refers to an upgrade to the original digital version. Thus, Apple’s next flagship is the iPhone 12s, it will just be an upgrade of the iPhone 12.

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