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Huawei will open its largest foreign flagship store in Saudi Arabia


For many people, when they hear the name, Huawei, they think of smartphones. If you are one of these people, it’s time to change your orientation. Huawei is much more than just a smartphone company. The Chinese manufacturer is into a lot of products ranging from network equipment to gadgets. With the U.S. ban in place, Huawei’s smartphone business is going down. However, its other businesses are booming as ever.


According to a recent report, Huawei is getting set to open its largest ever flagship store outside China. The Chinese manufacturing giant will open this store in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government officially confirmed this yesterday saying that the store will be the flagship store outside of China and the location of this store is Riyadh.

The statement stated that Huawei has signed a lease contract for the store with Saudi Arabia’s Kaden Investment Company. With the growing demand for digital products and services in Saudi Arabia, Huawei can directly contact consumers.

However, the official statement from the government did not give an official opening date for this store. According to the statement of the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia expects that by 2022, Saudi Arabia’s Internet usage will reach 82.6% of the population from 73.2% in 2017.

Saudi Arabia continues to strengthen its ties with Huawei

Last year, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Administration also signed a memorandum with Huawei to use artificial intelligence technology to recognize Arabic language and characters with the help of researchers from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Obviously, Saudi Arabia is not one of the countries to follow whatever the U.S. says to ban Huawei. A couple of independent nations like New Zealand, the U.K, and others have since bowed to the U.S. pressure to ban the Chinese manufacturer

However, with the U.S. president-elect set to take office in four days, the company should have a better negotiation platform. It is important to note that Biden is not a fan of Huawei just like Trump. Nevertheless, we expect the Biden administration to be more civil and political with the negotiations. If this is the case, then there will be a way out for Huawei soon.


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