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Deal: Xiaomi Mijia S700 electric shaver released for 499 yuan ($77)


Xiaomi works with a couple of third-party manufacturers to release a plethora of products.  It also has sub-brands that focus on multiple household devices. The latest of these products is the Xiaomi Mijia S700 electric shaver. This device was released today and it is already available for purchase on Xiaomi Youpin. Unfortunately, only readers in China can make this purchase for now. However, if you have a contact in China, you can get the device.

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The Xiaomi Mijia S700 electric shaver is a flagship razor product that uses zirconia ceramic blades. This is the first time that a Mijia electric shaver will use a ceramic blade. The retail price for this device is only 499 yuan which is approximately $77. 

Xiaomi Mijia S700 electric shaver

This shaver uses a metal body and a USB Type-C port for charging. On the handle of the shaver, there are six indicators. Three of these indicators show the speed of the blade while the other three show the battery level, travel lock, and charging.

Xiaomi Mijia S700 electric shaver

Mijia S700 – first ever ceramic blade shaver from Xiaomi

According to the company, the Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver S700 ceramic blade was placed in strong acid and alkali for 360 minutes, and the chemical structure did not change significantly. In actual use, the blade has no reaction with water, shaving foam, or detergent.

This means that users can wash the shaver after use. Furthermore, Mijia also claims that this device is highly resistant to corrosion and is skin-friendly. After usage for 240 hours, there was no obvious wear. If the user uses it for 2 minutes a day, it can be used for at least 19 years.

In addition, the S700 ceramic cutter head adopts a special mold and structure design. The toughness, bending strength, impact strength, and resistance far exceeds regular ceramics. It is not easy to break during daily use.

GizmoAlpha understands that the Mijia Electric Shaver S700 is Mijia’s first shaver to use a high-end direct-drive brushless motor. The application of direct-drive brushless low-noise motors greatly increases the service life.

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It also offers a smoother and more efficient shave and there will be no need to shave often. In addition, the direct-drive brushless motor is inherently low-noise relative to other motors. This makes shaving a more quiet process.


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