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Xiaomi open thousands of Mi Stores simultaneously in China


At the Redmi Note 9 conference in November last year, Lu Weibing, Vice President of Xiaomi Group, and General Manager of Redmi Brand, said that Xiaomi’s target is to be accessible to everyone in China. He said, “In the coming year, every county will have a Xiaomi Home (Mi Stores) so that every Mi fan has a Xiaomi home around.”

Mi Stores

Yesterday, the company took a giant step towards achieving this goal. Xiaomi officially opened one-thousand Xiaomi Homes across China.

According to Lu Weibing, the simultaneous opening of thousands of stores has at least three major significance for Xiaomi China

  • Firstly, the opening shows that Xiaomi is now closer to everybody and it has a new model of offline retail.
  • Secondly, the “thousand stores” signifies that Xiaomi has become a new force in the retail industry.
  • Finally, the “simultaneous opening of thousands of stores” means that Xiaomi is about to embark on a new starting point on the battlefield in China.

Furthermore, these thousands of Mi stores in China covers 270 cities in 30 provinces. Also, there are different types of stores from city to county multi-level markets. This means that all these stores will not sell the same products. While some will a plethora of products, others will be a bit specific.

Xiaomi Stores in China now exceed 2000

So far, the total number of stores of Mi Home in China is more than 2,000. For Xiaomi, this is pivotal in its quest for full coverage from city to county nationwide. In addition, Lu Weibing claims that this is just the starting point for Xiaomi.

Its next target is to make sure that there is no county without a Xiaomi Store. Xiaomi will work with partners from all over the country to make the Mi Home open to every county in China, and truly realize that “Every Mi Fan has a Mi Home around”.


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