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Xiaomi ZMI 20 – The world’s first 120W fast charging power bank is here


There is a lot of technological advancement coming out from different parts of the world. The major aim of these technologies is to make life easier for us. In October of this year, ZMI Technology, a member of the Xiaomi ecological chain, released a “Xiaomi ZMI 20″ mobile power bank. This device supports 120W fast charging. Interestingly, it is the first power bank in the industry to support 120W fast charging.

Xiaomi ZMI 20

This morning, ZMI officially announced that the pre-sale of ZMI 20 will commence on January 6th. Users can purchase it through platforms such as Tmall, JD.com, and Suning at a price of 399 yuan ($61). Unfortunately, these are all Chinese stores and may not ship outside China.

Xiaomi ZMI 20 – a high power 25,000 mAh power bank

According to the official introduction, the ZMI 20 is a 25,000 mAh mobile power bank. On the side, it has an LED screen that can display its own power in real-time. The top has two Type-C ports and a USB A port.

Xiaomi ZMI 20

Among the interfaces, the two Type-C interfaces respectively support 100W and 45W charging power. The company claims that it can charge almost all Type-C interface notebooks on the market. It can also take the MacBook Pro to a full charge (0 Р100%).

One of the biggest highlights of this power bank is the USB A specification. It supports a maximum output power of 120W. This is the only power bank in the world that supports 120W fast charging for the Mi 10 Pro Extreme Edition.

It is worth noting that ZMI 20 also supports the simultaneous use of three ports. Collectively, the maximum output power can reach 200W. In addition to providing high-pass rate charging for other devices, ZMI 20 itself also supports 65W fast charging.

Although the capacity is as high as 25000 mAh, it can be fully charged within 2 hours due to the fast charging capacity. In all, we do not have information on the safety level of this device. It will be important for users to know the safety level of such a high-power device.


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