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Can you buy a Playstation 5 for $1 million? – Caviar launches 18K gold customized PS5


Recently, there were reports that a third-party British manufacturer, TrulyExquisite, released a customized luxury version of the PlayStation 5 and its accessories. The custom version includes gold-plated (24K gold & 18K rose gold) as well as the platinum version. The latest report shows that a Russian company, Caviar, has released an even more expensive custom version of the PlayStation 5. The company calls this luxury version of the PS5 “Golden Rock”. The interesting part of this device is that there will be only ONE like it worldwide. However, how much will you be willing to pay to have this one?



As the world’s largest-selling game console, the current cumulative sales of the Sony PS5 exceeds 3 million. Thus, Caviar expects this extremely luxurious PS5 custom model to have a market. Well, since there will be only one unit worldwide, there should be someone who is “crazy enough” to buy it.

Playstation 5

This device uses a large amount of 18K gold as well as crocodile skin. The console passes through stone production and uses a total of 8 huge pieces of gold, weighing about 20kg. The solution not only provides a gold cover for the PS5 console, the Dual-sense controller also has a premium version. It uses a genuine leather build with a gold design just above the cursor.

According to Caviar, the inspiration for this design comes from rough gold mines. It uses original jewelry craftsmanship to add texture to the PS5. Caviar had previously provided a variety of customized mobile phone solutions for Apple iPhone, many of which were made of gold. However, this is the first time that Caviar will use such a large amount of gold for customization.

As of now, the official launch price from Caviar is not public. However, this device is freaking expensive. If the price of 18K gold is $45,000 dollars/gram, the total price of this custom model will exceed $1 million. It’s hard to believe that Caviar will put this device on the shelf for the public to purchase. It is probably making this very exclusive edition for pre-orders.


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