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What are the changes that we expect in 2021 Android flagships?


In a few days, we will be in 2021 and a new round of competition among mobile phone manufacturers will begin. Huawei will be losing a lot of market share because of the U.S. ban. Thus, there will be more space to battle for by other smartphone makers. What will change in 2021 Android flagships?

2021 Android flagships

The Snapdragon 888 is the latest flagship processor for Android devices in 2021. The market trend will rely a lot on how Android manufacturers use this chip. However, if the flagship models of major manufacturers want to gain more popularity, they need to make some changes to their new flagship models to attract consumers’ attention. So the question is, what changes will happen to the new flagship opportunities next year?

Screen Refresh Rate

The 90Hz screen has basically become the standard configuration of this year’s Android flagship, and there are a few 120Hz models, even 144Hz. Next year, there may be a better variable refresh rate AMOLED screen, which is not only smoother but also further reduces the power consumption of the whole device. 

Lidar Sensor

This year’s iPhone 12 Pro and Mate 40 Pro are already use a lidar sensor. However, there are not many functions for lidar so far, just simple ranging, and laser focusing. There may be more models with Lidar sensors next year and we expect more practical functions.


The mobile phone imaging system will be greatly improve. This year Samsung launched two 100-megapixel image sensors, and the actual shooting effect is quite shocking. Next year Samsung will launch a higher-pixel image sensor, and the proofs will be clearer.

When it comes to imaging systems, we must mention the video recording function. At present, Samsung’s Exynos 1080 already supports 10bit 4K video recording. In addition, the screens of mobile phones now gradually support 10bit video. Next year, the effect of watching 10bit videos on mobile phones will be better.


While we expect a lot from 2021 Android flagships, there are some areas that can not improve. For instance, the charging technology seems to be at its peak at 120W. Although there are reports of 200W fast charging, it appears this technology is not quite ready. Furthermore, an efficient power consumption sounds nice but the recent developmental trends in the smartphone industry is not geared towards that. However, it will be interesting to see what 2021 will have to offer


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